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Specializing in High-Quality Products to Ensure the Best Possible Results

Jeff Huncovsky started Precise Machine Works in 2004. Since the beginning, he has worked closely with customers to find better, safer, and easier ways to get jobs done. He is always striving to provide high-quality products to ensure the best possible results.

Jeff Huncovsky graduated from Linn State Technical College in 1990, armed with degrees in Machine Tool and Design Drafting. He put his knowledge of machining tools and welding to work, responding to local demand for finely machined metal parts. It takes an active imagination and excellent drawing skills to create high-quality tools. Converting the drawings to the finished product is a real art form. Jeff has come through as an innovator of parts and tools for several industries. Home of the Quik-Splint seen below!

From concept, design, and manufacturing, Precise Machine Works can help you come up with products that cut down the possibility of injury and save you time and money.

All of our products are sold through distributors. If you are interested in purchasing our products, please contact us through this website or call (573) 821-3178.

If you have a special part or configuration that will make your job easier, feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas. Click here to download our catalog.

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