Precise Machine Works

Groundline Repair System (GRS)

Repair Poles Quicker and Easier

If a pole has ground rot, storm, or vehicular damage, our newly designed and improved GRS will restore the pole back to original specifications or better! Instead of having to replace your broken pole, crews can now brace the poles in 30 minutes or less without any special equipment! But if you need to go even faster, we have specialized tools for you as well!


Part #20.0800.00

  • Repair damaged poles quickly and easily with no special tools or equipment. It is fast-driving, requires minimal to no digging, and reusable.
  • It is ergonomically friendly to install at ground level.
  • The GRS weighs 80 pounds while maintaining durability and strength.
  • A 17’ 2.00” above-ground test pole was cut through. After it had the GRS installed, it was tested to withstand 166 mph winds.
  • A 40’ pole with the GRS installed is calculated to withstand 90 mph winds. It is independently engineered and tested.
  • For best results, use the lag screws or DA bolts with banding.
  • Any banding can be used