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Pole Hog Pole Stump Removal System

  • If you have a pole that is splintered or at ground level, this is a solution to remove the stump in one piece!
  • It eliminates having to use a backhoe or driving a rod into the stump with a winch line, and there is no need for a pole jack.
  • Save time and create a safer work zone when removing a pole, plus create less stress on the boom truck.
  • It can be used with a skid steer.
  • It works in mud and rock.
  • It does not widen the original hole.
  • There is no need for backhoes, rods, jacks, or pullers for pole stump removal.
  • It relieves stress on boom trucks.
  • It removes pole stumps in one piece by simultaneously spinning and pulling.
  • It comes with a Kelly adapter and 8 3/4” x 8.00” lag screws.
Poll Hog

Part #18.0200.00

Theirs vs. Ours

*Distribution size poles

Competitor Pole Jack

Pole Hog

Blows seals and scores cylinderNothing to break
Pole must be at a minimum of 14.00” out of the groundPole can be above or below ground level
In general, very limitedMany capabilities

Split Barrel

The split barrel is the perfect solution to keep your auger hole clear from cave-ins. Unlike other products on the market, the split barrel can be used more than once, making it a great economical choice for your next dig.

  • Solves the problem of open or unattended holes
  • OSHA-compliant when used with a lid
  • Proudly made in the US
  • Lid for the split barrel is optional
Split Barrel

Size Options


*Other sizes are available.

**The split barrel is a must-have tool for poor ground conditions.