Precise Machine Works


“We use the irrigation puller. It works better than the Chinese finger…saves time putting tape on the pipe. Saves pipe, too, because when you have to put tape on the pipe, it is easy to just cut that part of the pipe away rather than take off the tape. I like it!”

Warren Gregory, G & G Irrigation, Union, MO

“Irrigation puller, I can say with confidence that this product has saved us time and money. It’s durability and the fact that it is easy to use makes it a great product. It is the only pipe grip we use.”

Mike Hentges, Columbia Land Care, Irrigation Division, Columbia, MO

“The Auger adapter, has been one of the best tools to be introduced into the industry in decades, what a time and labor saving device it is, not to mention the safety aspects of using this device. My crew loves this thing!”

Ken Klausner, Contractors Power and Light Co., Thornton, IL