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Vertical Reel Winder

This is a must-have for rolling up large amounts of wire of any kind!

This system is designed in accordance with ASME standards for below-the-hook lifting devices and can be used to lift and position spools weighing up to 4,400 lb onto a trailer or truck. A lifting sling must be secured to the lifting shackles provided.

  • It enables winding up a 4,400 lb spool of wire or cable at a time while using the same truck for loading or unloading the filled reel.
  • It allows an improved way to roll up wire rather than using the front winch on the truck.
  • It is great for changing out rotten reels in a yard. You will get a 100% ROI in labor savings with just one large reel change-over job.
  • It has a plate to work on asphalt and concrete and vaults to stabilize the reel.
  • During underground pulls, it is helpful while hauling in rope.
  • It can roll up old wires and pull new wires in vaults.
  • It works well with fiber-optic cables.
Vertical Reel Winder

Part #16.1100.00

Vertical Reel Winder Spinner Plate

Vertical Reel Winder Spinner Plate Part #

1- and 4-Spool Stringing Rack

This product is great for pulling short spans and is very useful in highly populated areas where a trailer cannot be maneuvered easily. This newer design is low-maintenance and does not require lubrication. Hardware is included.